Pastor Barry               A Fragrance Unto God                                                                                              Pastor Barry                Unconditional Love


Pastor Barry                A Christ Like New Year                                                                                           Pastor Barry              Understanding the Darkness

Pastor Barry                 Dealing With Bitterness                                                                                           Pastor Barry                Redemptive Love                           


Pastor Barry                 Our God Reigns                                                                                                            Pastor Barry                The Power of Prayer    

Pastor Barry                A Conscience That Restores                                                                             Pastor Barry                 The Reason We Fast

Pastor Barry               Our Passover Lamb                                                                                              Pastor  Barry               Be The Light That Shines             

Pastor Barry                Eternity,Waiting for an Answer                                                                          Pastor Barry                   The Truth and Misunderstanding

Pastor Barry                 You're Free to Go                                                                                                             Pastor Barry                The Keys to Easter                       

Pastor Barry                 Discovering God in the Dark                                                                                 Pastor Barry                 The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Pastor Barry                 Serving God in the Darkness                                                                                 Pastor Barry                 The Mind of Christ                               

Pastor Barry                 Serving the Truth                                                                                                        Pastor Barry                  Nurture One Another                          

Pastor Barry                 Perhaps God Will                                                                                                            Pastor Barry                  Removing The Bushel                         

Pastor Barry                 Spending Time with God                                                                                          Pastor Barry                 Why So Negative                                  


Pastor Barry                 Abba Father                                                                                                                         Pastor Barry                 Freedom From Negativity    

Pastor Barry                 The Battle Belongs to the Lord                                                                           Pastor Barry                  Our Father's Love                                  

Pastor Barry                 Through the Waters                                                                                                    Pastor Barry                 The Lord My Healer

Pastor Barry                 When We Pray                                                                                                                Pastor Barry                 The Word of God

Pastor Barry                 When We Don't Pray                                                                                                 Pastor Barry                 Breaking the Bread                        

Pastor Barry                 Knowing What Hell Is                                                                                                Pastor Barry                Heaven Awaits

Pastor Barry                The Right Thing To Do                                                                                            Pastor Barry                Our God Reigns

Pastor Robbio           Choices                                                                                                                                    Pastor Barry               Reconciliation


Pastor Barry                In His Name                                                                                                                         Pastor Barry                Repairing Relationships

Pastor Barry                Idols                                                                                                                                             Pastor Barry                Understanding Suffering

Pastor Barry                Thankful Transformation                                                                                         Pastor Barry               A Journey of Promise

Pastor Barry               A Plan for Christmas                                                                                                     Pastor Barry                Emptied of Glory 

Pastor Barry                 Why We Worship                                                                                                        Pastor Barry                  A Season of Change