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"He restores my soul"

blending traditional and
contemporary worship

What is Blended Worship?


Blended worship is more than drawing on a variety of musical styles to create diversity in a worship service. Instead, blended worship is a harmony that both honors and preserves the musical traditions of the church while uniting them with the modern expressions of worship represented in this present generation.  Our approach to worship doesn't serve a style or trend, but rather provides a sure footing to reach across generational and cultural lines to a greater depth of intimacy with God and unity in the body of Christ. We see the following three commitments as keys to achieving our goal of honoring and blessing God with our worship.

  • Our worship is a commitment to an orderly approach to the worship God.

  • Our worship is a commitment to celebrating the nature of God and His works among us.

  • Our worship is a commitment to harmonizing a broad range of musical styles and interpretations.

Our Worship Statement of Faith

  • We believe that we are called to both praise God for the things He has done as well as to worship Him for who He is.

  • We believe that the words we use to worship God are the most important means of expressing our love and devotion, while the melody, the arrangement and the instrumentation exist primarily to support these sacred truths.

  • We believe that our worship of God ought to be filled with life and joy and a sense of awe as we stand in in His presence. Our worship of God is a privilege intended to be celebrated as we exalt His holy name.

  • We believe that the truths we express during worship should never be overwhelmed by instruments, volume or any presentation that would draw the attention away from God and onto ourselves.
  • We believe our expressions of worship, whether standing or sitting, with folded hands or uplifted hands, with smiling faces or bowed heads, all of which we embrace here at Still Water, are personal and are an individual expressions of faith and should never be used to confirm or deny the presence of true worship in the church.

  • We believe that there is joy to be found in His presence, but not at the expense of losing our focus on Him and who He is and what He has done for us. Our worship of God is a time to focus on being the blessing rather than receiving one.
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